Saturday, May 10, 2014

Human judges?

Its been two years now since work has started. Challenges abound and go. Things haven't always been easy, people haven't always been as kind. Nonetheless that's life. God never promised a smooth ride in our lives, but at least He has never left me.

As I ponder upon these two years, I begin to see the truth in what my professors say, about people being the most difficult to manage in any given organisation. It's true as our human emotions are highly complex and we can never have a full picture of what's going on within a person's mind.

I've seen it in myself. Emotions are not always easy to mask, but more often than not, we succeed to some extent. When you're surrounded by the masculine forces at work, its almost a taboo to consider breaking down. This is our modern culture. Women have twice the effort to put in as men to maintain their cool concerning how they're deemed the more emotional one. And men are equally pressured to meet the expectations of their bosses in order to maintain their jobs and provide for the family.

Suppressed emotions, until you hear of a colleague dying of a sudden stroke or heart attack. Then you realise you're just as prone to it having all unpleasant emotions suppressed inside in fear of being judged.

The fear of judgement is often unconscious but true. The need to please our bosses and be accepted in the eyes of our colleagues and friends often mask our core. And sometimes its precisely what they want to see. Being the one who behaves and thinks not like the majority may have you singled out as the odd one. Then again, who can blame them for having the same fear of being judged themselves?

There is no perfect solution then other than to recognize the human in us all, whilst acknowledging the greatest Judge to come.

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Reuben Lim said...

As much as possible, talk things out with your family and close friends (especially those at church). Don't bottle it in too much aye.